A portable theatre experience coming in summer/fall 2018!

Stewart Park will be the setting for a new headphone walking-play, set to debut late summer/early fall 2018. The multimedia story, set in the Wharton Studio era, is currently under development by The Cherry Artspace in partnership with Wharton Studio Museum (WSM) and with collaboration from FSP. This portable theatrical experience will invite individual listeners to enter an illusion of the 1910s masterfully draped across the modern park backdrop. An audio recording will guide them through the landscape as a series of small props provide concrete historical references to enrich the experience. This headphone walking-play will be similar to Cherry's riveting 2016 "Storm County," which began along the Cayuga Inlet.

The Tompkins County Tourism Program recently awarded WSM a New Tourism Initiatives Grant to develop this exciting project. Thanks to TCTP and Legacy Foundation for their support.