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Coming to Ithaca Fall of 2018!

This beautifully-designed, accessible new playground, to be built collaboratively by community members and contractors, will dramatically enhance Stewart Park as a regional destination for families, individuals, children of all ages and abilities, and visitors.


Design and Accessibility



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Natural play areas | Splash pad | Pre-School and School age playgrounds | Music Garden | New accessible bathrooms | Restored and accessible carousel | Accessible walkways 


Why Does It Matter?

Traditional playgrounds, Stewart Park's included, can make it difficult or even impossible for children with disabilities or mobility impairments to navigate and use the equipment to fully enjoy their playground experience.  

The new Stewart Park Playground will be like no other in the region: innovatively and creatively designed, It will be an accessible playground for children of all abilities.


Through Chelsea's Eyes

Currently, our family becomes separated when we visit the Stewart Park playground. It’s like we are not even there as a family. I can’t bring my daughter Karina to the playground without my husband because I can’t physically carry her for as long as she wants to play.

The new Stewart Park Playground will give Karina independence. An inclusive playspace will mean she can move around freely next to her peers and sisters... This playground will mean no limits - just a place for Karina to be herself, free in her own body.
— Chelsea, a local Ithacan whose daughter Karina uses a wheelchair

Project Leadership

Rick Manning
Executive Director of FSP and Playground Project Manager

Diana Riesman
Chairperson of FSP Board of Directors and Executive Director of the Wharton Studio Museum



The Playground Architects

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Steve Lauzun, President of Parkitects, has been working with FSP on the Stewart Park Playground for more than four years.  He is a Registered Landscape Architect and former design with Leathers and Associates.  Steve works with communities throughout New York State and represents Landscape Structures, the leading manufacturer of high quality playground equipment in the United States.

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Play by Design

Lee Archin and Dave Iannello, Play By Design’s Co-Founders and Designers for Stewart Park for the pre-school play area and other specialized playground features.  Lee and Dave have worked with Leathers and Associates and communities all over the world on community-built playgrounds. Michael Cohen, who specialized in Adult Wellness and Elder Playgrounds is also involved in the project.

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Rusty Keeler, Founder and Designer for Earthplay, works with communities nationally and internationally to design and build natural and adventure playgrounds. Rusty is providing design oversight for the Sand and Music Gardens and guidance to maximize natural play opportunities throughout the playground.

Design and Accessibility

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